What kind of film do you use to make mounted slides?
We use Fuji Provia 100 35mm chrome film.

What resolution will be the best for slide?
Minimum for good quality is 1200x1800 pixels. That’s a 4x6@ 300 dpi.  Optimum Quality is 4,096 x 2731.

What kind of image formats can you make slides from?
We can image slides from many formats such as PPT (Power Point),

Can I send other than JPEG file via internet?
Yes and No.
TIFF, BMP, PSD are very large files, therefor it takes a lot longer to upload one image. We recommend to send JPEG files for quick internet transfer. You can send PPT (Power Point) and PDF files through our powerpoint center.

What is the different between JPEG and TIFF format?
TIFF is format without condensing the data size. JPEG is the most popular international standard format condensed with special mathematic formula to keep high photo quality. The data size of JPEG is about 5% to 10% of original file size. For example, the data size of 4"x6" 150 dpi digital photo is 2,160K Bytes by TIFF format and 100k to 200K Bytes by JPEG format. You cannot identify the quality difference between JPEG and TIFF on the screen or printed picture of the size up to 8"x10". Unless you are looking for photo size 20"x30" or bigger, we recommend to use JPEG format.

Will my camera produce a good enough file for a slide?
"YES" Just about all digital cameras these days will provide files that make great slides. Anything above a 2 MegaPixel camera can make a great slide. For best results, use the highest resolution, and capture the image in fine or high quality JPEG format.

Will I lose any of my image?
Most digital cameras capture images in a slightly different aspect ratio than a full frame slide. What this means is that when you have slides made from an unedited digital camera photo, the slide will have a small black strips on two opposite edges, like the one shown on the left. If you want the image to fill the full mount without borders, crop the image in a 2:3 aspect ratio. (2:3 is the same ratio as a 4x6 inch print.)    

CROPPING NOTE!!!  Do not crop your image(s) if you want full frame (the whole image uncropped).  The rest of the slide frame will be filled in with black. Do not use the edit/cropping option online.
see sample

How do I request special instructions?
Type your request or question in the special instructions box at the time when you place your order.  You may also reply to the e-mail confirmation you receive after you place your order.

I don't understand proportions. Will my image be cropped when it is made into a 35mm slide?
Our system is designed to automatically add "black" to two sides of your image if it is not proportional to the 2x3 aspect ratio of a 35mm slide. This ensures that your images are not cropped when making 35mm slides from digital files. However, if you want to do your own cropping, use a photo editing software program like Adobe Photoshop to crop your image using the 2x3 aspect ratio of a 35mm slide.

What is the standard turnaround time for orders?
See our pricing page for turnaround time. Rush orders must be in by 10am PST for us to ship the ship it the same day, Monday through Saturday. Any order that comes in on Sunday will be shipped on Monday.

What shipping options do I have?
Shipping and handling -- we use USPS and Fedex for shipping. Fedex guarantee their delivery times, USPS does not. See pricing for more shipping information.

I am having problems uploading my digital files. What should I do?
If you are having trouble uploading files, please do the following:
Ensure that your files are acceptable to slidesfromdigital.com. Please click here to learn about the files types that we accept. If you meet the requirements then try uploading one file. If you have success, try uploading more.

What file types do you accept?
We also accept PowerPoint and PDF files which cannot be uploaded through our PowerPoint upload center. You may FTP or mail us a CD.  See Mail Order.

What DPI should I use?
It doesn't matter. This eliminates the need for DPI information. So, the film recorder system ignores DPI information. The only thing that matters is the pixel resolution, which is the multiplication of dpi and image dimension.

Should I change the resolution in PhotoShop?
No. Increasing the image resolution will not add more detail. Decreasing the image resolution will reduce sharpness. You may, however, want to increase resolution if you plan on adding text to the image. That way, the text will be sharper.

Should I use antialaised text in PhotoShop?
Yes. Selecting anti-aliased text will effectively double the sharpness of your text. Adjusting the appearance of an image will not help the text

What are your file size recommendations for 35mm slides?
We recommend a minimum file size of 1200x1800 pixels when making 35mm slides from digital files.  Max size 4096x2731 for our standard slide.  Double that for our 8K HD slides.
o  Because it's proportional to the 2x3 aspect ratio of a 35mm slide.
o  it's a manageable file size appropriate for online uploading
o it provides a sufficient amount of digital information to make an good 35mm slide output.

Our film recorders are designed to meet the needs of artists and professional photographers. Up to 4,096 horizontal by 2731 vertical lines of continuously variable resolution ensure images are precisely rendered, down to shadows and color gradations. Fine detail is authentically reproduced.

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