Placing Your Order
Order 35mm slides from $1.99 each. See pricing.  

CROPPING NOTE!!!  Do not crop your image(s) if you want full frame (the whole image uncropped).  
The rest of the slide frame will be filled in with black.  Ignore the crop marks during the order process
(white outline over your image).
Do not use the online cropping option unless you do want your slide cropped.

24 x 7 Order Processing: We accept orders 24 hours a day and provide immediate confirmation that your
images have been uploaded and that your order has been successfully placed.

or Special Instructions - Type your message in the comments box.

Please note that slide orders are not affected by Printing Preferences. Printing Preferences only apply to
Print orders (pictures).

* Slides are priced at this promotion.  No need for a coupon code with this uploader.
* Volume discount price will auto populate all your images when your count reaches the next price level.
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Slide Scanning &
E6 Processing
Slides are packaged in 3 different ways.  
1) If you order a few slides - they will be rubber banded between 2 slide size cardboards.
2) Order more than 8-ish and they will be put in a slide box.
3) Slide Page - If you order  slide page(s) at checkout, we will insert your slides in these sheets.

All slides come mounted in recycled plastic white mounts unless you request them to be

Our guarantee is limited to re-producing the job at no charge.

You may also order slides by email (below) and we will send you a Paypal invoice.

Mail Order
If you have a few images you may also e-mail  them to us.  Pay by phone or PayPal.
Slide Scanning and E6 Processing available.  
Click here  for more info.
* Shipping is calculated by the total sale amount.   Max price is based on $500 or more.
* No shipping on Sundays and  major holidays. UPS guarantees shipping times.  USPS
Express Mail orders must be in by 9am PST in order to ship the same day.   We ship out
from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.   See
pricing and shipping table.
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