Minimum file size: 1200x1800 pixels. Smaller images may show the pixels and result in blurry slides.

Looking to make a slide fit certain dimensions?
Download the Scale Instructions zip file and create your image to fit any scale.
It's easy and accurate with our recorder. Template can be used for Gobo film.

The submission specs are:

*   TIFF, JPG, BMP, PDF, PowerPoint, or PSD
*   8 Bit
*   No alpha channels or quickmasks
*   Minimum 1200 x 1800 = 4x6 @300 DPI. (2:3 ratio is full frame) Max size 4096 x 2731 for standard slides.
*   Leave fine detail about 1/8" away from the edges for mounting.
     (If we notice fine detail around the edge we will
     add a thin black strip as a spacer)
*   No layers
*   Try not to use clear/white backgrounds because it will projects bright light.
     A black background will not project.
*   Use RGB Color Mode instead of CMYK Mode.
*   For TIF files use IBM PC byte order and LZW compression.
*   Do all of your manipulation in some other file format (TIF, PSD, etc.) then save / export as a low  compression (high quality) JPG.

* UPLOADING your images: Our online uploader only accepts JPGs.  Use wetransfer or dropbox to send us other file formats.  We will then send you a paypal invoice.

If you're shooting with your digital camera, then set it to shoot at the highest quality (largest file size) and then leave them at that size. Do not try to size them up with software (retouching is ok), that does not improve the slides, it only creates larger files. You can upsize your resolution if you are going to add text to your slide which will make the text sharper.

Our standard Film Recorder setting is set to 2731x4096 pixels (4K) or 9.1x13.65 inches at 300 DPI. Files this size will result in optimum slides.  You may also order slides at 8k (see below).

Your images will be printed so your entire image fits in the 35mm rectangle. This is the default setting. We print your images at 96% of their possible size to minimize any cropping and any remaining space will be automatically filled with black. If you'd rather have a white fill (clear film) then type it in the special instructions when you place your order.  White fill produces bright white light.  It can be blinding and make your image look dull.

For $2 more we can image slides at 8K HD resolution which prints out at 5462 x 8192.  If your images doesn't have this much resolution then you will not see any differnce compared to our standard option.

You may send either vertical or horizontal images (either portrait or landscape).

We do not crop your images.  If you would like us to zoom in on an image, specify it in the special instructions box when you place your order.

CROPPING NOTE!!!  Do not crop your image(s) if you want full frame (the whole image uncropped).  The rest of the slide frame will be filled in with black.  Do not use the edit/crop option online when placing your order.
See Sample 

We use standard 2x2 recycled white plastic slide mounts.  Our slide system is pin registered.

We can only image 135mm slides and negatives.

Images for our standard slide output are color or density corrected which will improve the slide quality output.  If you do not want us to make any adjustments, in the special instructions  or reply to your e-mail confirmation put something like: print as-is, print straight, do not adjust, do not alter image, etc.

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